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We've won awards for Quality, Value for Money, and Delivery.

Unfortunatelly, we can't tell you who from.

Our ability to react quickly has enabled us to supply urgently required parts due to line stop, stock loss, development or production modifications or late delivery from other suppliers.

We continue to invest and offer the continuity of service that our customers require

Using Bridgeport for CNC Milling machines and Hardinge for CNC Lathe's we have the ability to inter-change tooling and fixtures to maintain process back-up at all times.

We are well versed in 'Just in Time' and 'Kan Ban' and working with our customers to achieve the best possible delivery results

Continued investment in new technology and quality improvement

We have a fully equiped inspection department and approved 'Ship to Use' by our major customer's SQA programmes.

A clean room for specialised washing and assembly plus Millipore capability for ensuring cleanliness.
Alma Engineering Phone 01327 705116
Fax     01327 300820
Bentley Way,
Royal Oak Industrial Estate,
NN11 8QH
Certificate No. 91066

Customer Care - Steve Jacobs

Quality - Paul Hale

Production - Mick Hancock

Accounts - Joy Baguley