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Alma Engineering understand the cost in both time and money involved in the research, design and development of new and unique products and the necessity for confidentiality to maintain customer position in the market place.

The use of our high profile customer names as a recommendation to our ability to perform, to proudly advertise our awards and achievements in Quality and Supply would be, as you will appreciate, very advantageous, however, this in some way may breach a confidence, therefore we never will.

We believe that 'Your Business' is 'Your Business' and will at all times endeavour to ensure that all information, drawings or specifications from quotation to records are deemed confidential and not available for unauthorised use in any form.

This guarantee we give to all our customers existing or new.


Alma has built up over the years the reputation for supplying the right part at the right price at the right time.

This has been possible through continued investment in new technology and quality improvement.

By continually using Bridgeport for CNC Milling machines and Hardinge for CNC Lathe's we have the ability to inter-change tooling and fixtures to maintain process back-up at all times. Our ability to react quickly has enabled us to supply urgently required parts due to line stop, stock loss, development or production modifications or late delivery from other suppliers.

These benefits have proven very useful to our customers in the past and will continue to do so. We are well versed in 'Just in Time' and 'Kan Ban' and working with our customers to achieve the best possible delivery results.

We believe that by blending the 'Time-served' skills required for our more traditional machines and the modern technology of our CNC machines we have the ability to meet all our customer needs, from the '1-off' sample to the large production batch.

By maintaining current business levels and increasing them in the future we will continue to invest and offer the continuity of service that our customers require.

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